Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice

**This review contains spoilers***

We have all been waiting for the Batman vs Superman to come out.  It is finally here and I got to see it.

I am so disappointed.  How can a movie with two of the biggest comic heroes be so boring.  I have seen a lot of praise for the movie saying that it’s a drama and that it was done like a ‘real’ movie instead of a comic movie, but that doesn’t mean the movie had to be so long and drawn out.  ‘Real’ movies can have good dialogue, suspense, well defined characters, and a great companion score.  It lacked so many of these qualities that I have to blame the director, Zack Snyder.

The story continues from Man of Steel. Superman is a controversial figure as people argue whether he is a good or a bad guy.  Bruce Wayne/Batman sees him as a threat to the planet and is set on taking him down.  However, Lex Luther has his own master plan and plays the two heroes against each other.  The plot itself is pretty simple and I have no problems with the story line.  However, getting to the actual battle took forever.  The suspense was minimal as Bruce Wayne/Batman sneaks around Luthor’s place to find information on the ‘White Portuguese’.  There is also a car chase/gun fight that tries really hard to be interesting but fails.

And then there is poor emo Clark Kent/Superman who is flying around saving Lois Lane and trying to be the good guy while everyone has a problem with him.  I felt bad for him, I wish they hadn’t made him so emo.  Other than putting his mother in danger, there is just not enough anger spewing from him for you to ever think he would take down Batman.

Now, it doesn’t matter what movie, comic book, or animation series Lois Lane is in, she is always getting in trouble and I usually cannot stand her.  So I can’t even give her a non-bias review.  I did sorta like her is Man of Steel though.

Poor Ben Affleck.  In my opinion he was pretty good as a Bruce Wayne.  He did what he could with what he was given and of course he is a really good looking chap.  Bruce Wayne/Batman lacked a personality in this movie. He didn’t strike me as a playboy or super grumpy.  He was just out to get Superman.  The movie loosely associated Batman’s rage against Superman because of the destruction caused during the battle with Zod in Man of Steel.  One of Wayne’s office buildings was also a casualty of the battle and causes the deaths of countless employees.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much good if you don’t actually feel anything for these mostly unseen employees.  And the one employee you do see, is kind of a douche.

Now, Alfred on the other hand was a pretty cool version of a butler.  Jeremy Irons played a great version of him. He had funny sarcastic lines and was Batman’s partner instead of just a butler.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like Jesse Eisenberg’s version of Les Luthor.  In this film, Lex is a very quirky and eccentric young business mogul, almost to the point that he seemed mentally unstable.  I much prefer him as a serious and sophisticated businessman/scientist whom you can never tell exactly what side he is trying to play.  I wonder if this was a personal choice or whether he was directed to act like that?  Overall, he lacked as a villain.  I felt they needed to add something more sinister…
Oh wait, there was another villain.  For a total of like 5 minutes of the movie!

The one great thing about this movie was Wonder Woman.  She kicked ass!  Even the music changed when she finally descended into the scene.  The music truly fit her character as if you were about to watch an old Roman/Greek battle at the Colosseum.  I especially liked the use of most of her weapons.  Her lasso was badass!  I wish she had been in more of the movie.

Although Dawn of Justice was a big disappoint overall as far as action and suspense, I will definitely see the next one.  The movie decisively gave small glimpses as to who will appear from the Justice League in the next movies.  And the story dips into The Death of Superman comic, and I’m sure fans will want to see how it concludes.  As a fan, I would recommend seeing the movie for yourself just so you can watch the next one without missing a beat. But I can’t say it was good.  It was more like a filler you put up with because you want to see the conclusion of the main story line.