Hi everyone!  It’s a new year again, 2017.  What a weird year it has been.  Maybe I will write about what I have been up to later on.  But I wanted to post about my first sale on Etsy!  Yay!  I was so excited when I got an email from them letting me know I got my first sale.  It has been months since I set up the shop with some styled photos like the one below.  I’m glad someone wanted to use it.  I really hope to add more photos soon.  If you know me, I also make plushies.  They take a bit longer to create and also cost me more in fabric and material so that has been pending on the site.  I will eventually get some of them in my store.  But in the mean time, please visit my Etsy shop PetiteCreationsByGio.  If you are also an Etsy store owner, feel free to comment and leave your link.

Etsy Store Photo


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