This weekend I attended a fun blogger event at Shiraz Bistro and Market, located in the Pinecrest area of Miami.  I always enjoy blogger events, meeting other bloggers, and learning about their blogs.  I’m usually very shy, but everyone is always so nice, it’s fun.

Shiraz has a cute little market set aside in the restaurant so you can purchase delicacies and cooking ingredients from the Mediterranean and Middle East. The owners were gracious enough to provide us with a full course meal, and oh boy, was it good!Shiraz Bistro

JuicesTo start off our feast we were severed a variety of appetizers.  We had slices of pita beard and the option to dip them with subtly flavored humus, walnut chicken salad or a delicate and cool yogurt dip. In addition to the dips and pita, we were served stuffed grape leaves.  They looked like mini green leaf burritos and tasted great with the yogurt dip. I’m not a big fan of vegetarian dishes, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.  Hummus and chicken salad

Just when I thought we were done with appetizers, we were served a second round. This time we had a choice of falafel, phyllo scrolls filled with feta cheese, and pan-fried Turkish sausage.  The yogurt sauce also ended up making a good dip for the falafel.  Along with our appetizers we were served a large salad to share, covered with feta cheese.

Turkish sausage and Baklava


Once we were done with appetizers we were promptly served our main course.  I ordered a chicken kebab.  I was pleasantly surprised to be served a deliciously tender chicken, less the skewers they were cooked on.  The chicken was mildly sauced with a hint of curry served with a long white rice.  I actually wished it was a bit more spicy, but it was still savory and moist, I would highly recommend it.Some of the other bloggers ordered some incredibly tasty looking dishes as well; lamb shank, lamb kebab, fillet mignon kebabs, etc..

Chicken Khebab

Lamb kebab

Well, about this time I was pretty full, but there was still dessert.  For dessert we had the option of baklava, kunefe and rice pudding.  Being that I love Nicaraguan style rice pudding, I wanted to try Persian style rice pudding. It was very different compared to the more liquid Nicaraguan rice pudding I was used to.  It was thick, maybe I’ll compare it to the consistency of bread pudding with just the right amount of sweetness, not over powered with sugar.  I was also able to try the kunefe, a Turkish desert.  It was a round pastry made from shredded phyllo dough with warm cheese in the center.  It was delicious, with a subtle hint of honey.  I would love to go back and have one again.

Rice pudding

We finished off our event with Turkish coffee.  If you are a fan of coffee like me, I would highly recommend you try it.  The coffee had to be made one-by-one for all the bloggers since it is slightly thicker than regular coffee or espresso.  They even served it in the cutest, most elegant little cups.  The coffee was thick and frothy, but not bitter and perfectly sweet.  No extra sugar needed for mine.

Turkish Coffee

Sugar Cubes
I didn’t add any sugar cubes, but they were so cute I had to take a picture 🙂

If you are in the Kendall/Pinecrest area, stop by Shiraz for a casual meal.  I can’t wait to go back and try other entrees.  As usual, feel free to comment.  Do you have other restaurants to recommend? Let me know.

Thanks for reading! – Gio

Shiraz Bistro & Market:
9630 SW 77th Ave
Kendall, FL 33156