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Etsy Store – My First Sale!

Hi everyone!  It’s a new year again, 2017.  What a weird year it has been.  Maybe I will write about what I have been up to later on.  But I wanted to post about my first sale on Etsy!  Yay!  I was so excited when I got an email from them letting me know I got my first sale.  It has been months since I set up the shop with some styled photos like the one below.  I’m glad someone wanted to use it.  I really hope to add more photos soon.  If you know me, I also make plushies.  They take a bit longer to create and also cost me more in fabric and material so that has been pending on the site.  I will eventually get some of them in my store.  But in the mean time, please visit my Etsy shop PetiteCreationsByGio.  If you are also an Etsy store owner, feel free to comment and leave your link.

Etsy Store Photo


We’re Moving

Hi Everyone,
I am in the middle of changing host and migrating the website. Some of my older post might look a little off since I’m exporting them from Blogger and updating the look, but newer post should look fine from here on out.
Thanks for visiting.

Closing Chapters

Today is Sunday.  Supposedly, this is my last week at my job.  A 10 year chapter in my life is about to close.  I’m sorta glad it’s closing though.  If you don’t make changes in your life, life will force change on you.  I feel like these past few months, maybe the entire past year, has been a big good bye.  I lost a close friend as well.  I will never be able to joke around with him again.  It made me think that I don’t put enough effort into my friendships.  We had drifted apart so much with out me realizing it until it was too late.

And of course, I get the ‘gloomies’ or that is what I usually call it.  This past year was a doozy.  I also got dumped for the 89327843930342th time.  And the gloomies came back with a vengeance.  Like a giant tidal wave of extreme sadness.  It felt like someone was squeezing my heart all day and night.  No thanks to work either.  Despite being a quiet shy person, I am pretty good at picking up people’s emotions.  Everyone around me had their own anxieties and worries about the future.  But things eventually come to a head.  And my gloomies have been getting better.  

So in order to roll with the punches and do something cool, I decided to buy a plane ticket and go to Japan.  Maybe it’s not the most responsible thing to do at the moment, considering that I am soon to be jobless.  But traveling can be so therapeutic.  And when else am I going to have so much free time and a cool friend to visit in another country?

Did I say therapeutic? I forgot I have to get on 2 planes to get there.  I regretted hitting the submit button the second I did it.  Haha. I’m kidding, but not really.  The last time I was on a plane, I thought I was going to die.  We had a missed landing and I literally prayed to land safely.  And now I”m going to get on a 20 hour airplane ride. I truly am crazy. Oh well, that is part of the adventure I guess.

When I get back, hopefully I will feel like I can start fresh.  Maybe with a new philosophy on life?  Probably not.  But I will eventually have to get a new job and meet new people.

I also have been, taking some classes.  And my Masters application is just sitting there at FIU waiting for a final approval in Aug/Sept.  I already know that by the time that rolls around, I may change my mind completely again.  But that is the whole point of life.  It’s a big roller coaster of ups and downs. Decisions and indecision.  I wish everyone well.  Hopefully the next time I update, I will have pictures all the way from the other side of the globe.  See ya…or how they say in Japanese…Ja ne! 😉

Miami Culinary Tours: Wynwood Food Tour

If there is one thing I love, it’s eating.  So this past weekend I had the opportunity to do something a little different, I went on a food and art tour in Wynwood.  As some of you may know, Wynwood is our local art district here in Miami.  It’s full of galleries, restaurants, bars and other local businesses.Although I do frequent it, I never really visit it during the day.  As vibrant and energetic as this area is at night, there are many things I had missed out on. Many restaurants and businesses are open that otherwise would be closed by the time my friends and I show up to bar hop at night.

Luckily it was bright and sunny on the day of the tour. The buildings and countless murals seemed to pop with so much color that day.

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

The art tour in Wynwood was organized by Miami Culinary Tours. And our tour group met up at Wynwood Walls.  This is where we were greeted by our very nice and energetic guide.

She lead us to our first stop, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, which is adjacent to the Walls. Although I have been to the Walls before, it was my first time dinning at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

Our group and guide at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

We were served a chicken empanada, cheese tequeno, and sweet plantains with queso frito.  In addition, we sampled a Rubia beer from Wynwood Brewery.  I am actually not a big beer person, but it was a nice pale ale.  Not only was the food great but the restaurant was also decorated with more paintings and another mural by Shepard Fairey.
Our delicious first meal.
Shepard Fairey’s mural behind the bar.

After our meal, our guide took us around the Wynwood Walls.  She was very knowledgeable and gave us some background information on the artists and their murals.  This portion of the tour is well worth it.  It gave me a different perspective on some of the murals I have seen before.

Shepard Fairey’s mural.
This is probably my favorite mural in this area.
This mural was made only using red, black and white paint.
Oh hey, it’s me.  The wall behind me is by Aiko.
This piece is interesting. The details were actually chiseled out of the wall.


This artist is called Retna.


Afterwards, we hopped over to a nearby gallery to look at more art.  They had a very nice sculpture exhibit and other works showing.

O.  Ascanio Gallery.



After visiting the gallery it was another quick walk and we were at Mmmm.  I have never been there before and can’t wait to go back to try their ice cream.  We had an Artichoke Tartine there, which is not something I usually eat, but it was delicious.  I also learned Tartine means open face sandwich.  So there you go, learn something new everyday.

French inspired artichoke tartine.  Who knew vegetables were tasty?


This is the outside area at Mmmm. Very cute.

Our next stop on the tour was R House which is a combination restaurant and gallery.  They even had a curator talk to us about their current exhibit before we sat down for our meal.  The modern design of the place and the art work that hung on the walls just added to the ambiance.

We were promptly served pulled pork sliders with tuna tartare.  The tartare was the highlight of the two. It was very flavorful with a touch of avocado and tomatoes, served on an airy crispy nacho.


The gallery inspired architecture and art work at R House.


The outdoor area at R House.
Some more art work hanging by the bar.
Short rib slider, and tuna tartare served at R House. The tuna tartare was especially tasty.
Work in progress.

For the next portion of the tour we walked just a little further through the neighborhood to Pride and Joy.  I have been there a few times and enjoyed the food. They serve bbq style dishes. We were treated to pulled pork on texas toast topped with cold slaw.  It was delicious, but it was also fun experimenting with their sauces.


Pulled pork Texas toast from Pride and Joy.

Last but not least, we went just a few doors down to Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies for some key lime pie.  This is a tiny bakery, so we basically had to eat outside, but the pie was scrumptious just like the rest of the dishes.

Fireman Dererk’s World Famous Pies,  love the wall.


Overall it was a really fun experience.  I got to walk around, look and learn about art, meet some really nice people and of course ate some tasty food.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone, whether you are a local or just visiting.  It is a good experience and I am hoping to do it again.
Miami Culinary Tours actually offers two other tours for South Beach and Little Havana.  So if you get a chance check them out.








The reality of dating in your 30s

I remember I had a conversation some time ago in which I got all huffy puffy about the topic. Basically my two male friends told me, if you are single at this stage in life something is wrong with you.  This was coming from two guys, one was my age (early thirties), in a relationship, and the other was in his mid 40s, divorced.  They explained if you are not taken, or in some sort of relationship, something is wrong with you.  Of course I thought they were wrong.  Nope nope, I was not having this.  I was a single independent woman and thought nothing was wrong with me.  And I didn’t think being single was anything to be ashamed of either.  Some people can be happy by themselves.  Why do you need a significant other in your life to be happy?  I forgot how we ended that conversation, but I went home still fuming.

As I continue to date in my thirties I hate to admit that maybe they were right.  Some of the dudes I date have plenty of baggage (not that I don’t).  At my age, single guys come with kids, have been divorced, balding, out of shape, cannot commit to anything, and can barely return a text message out of courtesy (Are you kidding me? That’s just too much work. Right brah?).

But yet, I continue to date and hope that I will find a nice guy who wouldn’t mind being called “My boyfriend” (Boyfriend?  Again, asking for too much lady.  Right brah?).  And just like they have their issues, I have mine.

So why do I keep dating?  Some times I look around at couples and I see so much gloominess.  Some couples seem to be together to just make each other miserable.  Are they always bickering and fighting, or is that just when 3rd parties are around?  Some people just look defeated.  Are they just compromising?  Are they just in this relationship so they don’t have to be single?  Maybe it’s money? Maybe it’s comfort? Maybe it truly is love?  I don’t know. I have about forgotten what love looks or feels like.  And lets not forget about the cheaters, and the office affairs.  Those guys are just greedy.

Of course there are the couples that truly do make a great team.  These are the ones that give me hope.  Thank god for them and their cute families.

But I keep thinking being single is looked down upon.  Even the people cheating on their significant others look down on single people!  What’s up with that?

Now how many times do my friends and coworkers ask me who am I dating now?  Why am I not dating someone? Why don’t I change this or that so I can meet someone?  When am I going to start a family? Tick tock tick tick.  So you deal with this imaginary pressure that everyone puts on you.

So then I do see my two friends point.  The “good ones” do seem to be taken.  The guys I know that have their shit together all seem coupled up.  As a matter of fact, I feel like everyone at my job is already married or in some sort of relationship.  Even I can’t say I’m a “good one”.  I got my quirks.  I am a super shy, anxious, unfashionable, petite little thing.  Whoever dates me has to put up with my baggage along with theirs.

But the final nail in the coffin, despite everyone’s issues, or status…is that we all have these great expectations or what a man/women should be and they are never in sync with the other person. That is just how it is.  The rare couples that work together have sort of synced things up.  Kudos to them.  But for the rest, good luck!  The single people will probably keep being single.  And the couples that look miserable…will probably keep looking miserable until someone caves.  That’s just the way it works…and then they will start dating and learn that…there is no body left…so get ready to lower your expectations and compromise.

How low do you really need to lower your standards and expectations?  So the argument goes full circle again.  Do you really need someone to be happy?  Is something wrong with you if you are single at this age?  There might be.  But some times being single is better than being in an unhappy relationship.  Things might still work out.  Who knows.  But the one thing I do know is that dating at this age really does suck.

Thanks for reading,

Why hello there…long time no see…

Well I haven’t written in a while and I guess I should.  I am just getting over a really bad cold.  I feel I haven’t been this sick since my last trip to St. Petersburg.  Funny enough I was on vacation this time as well.  It’s that time of year where all my vacation hours are built up and I am about to lose some of them in January if they are not used.  So I was sorta forced to go on vacation.  I asked for the next few Fridays off instead of an entire week off.  You might think: What? That’s crazy?  But honestly, it makes sense to me.  I don’t have enough money to go on a real vacation anywhere and I don’t have someone to go with.  So there you go.  I get a 4 day work week for almost the entire month.  Sounds good to me.

Anyways,  despite being sick I still threw a Christmas/Festivus party this weekend.  It was a pretty fun, quiet type of getty.  Which is nice.  And of course the gift exchange is always fun 🙂  (I will post some pictures soon).

Last weekend was also a lot of fun.  I finally got to see The Book of Mormon, by the creators of South Park.  I cannot express how much fun this play is.  The songs are funny, catchy, and the entire thing is well written.  It is so well written, that is disguises its offensiveness..a little.  It was held at the Arsht Center downtown.  I have never been there either and it was a really nice venue.  Of course we had nose bleed seats, but it was still a pretty decent view.  Unfortunately, I was seated next to these two really annoying girls that were talking, laughing and saying the lines during the entire play.  I wanted to choke them.  Of course it is cool that they have seen the play before, but don’t ruin the god damn thing for other people.  Just like a damn movie theater, why are people so rude?  The tickets are not cheap either, so it’s even more annoying >:[  My friend is awesome and swapped seats with me for the 2nd act.  Switching seats made it so much better. Despite that, it was great.  It is something you should really go see if and when it comes to town again.  It is worth it.  And I am a big believer in trying something new every once in a while.  Go to a play instead of a bar or club.  It is something nice and different to do on a weekend.  Now that I am thinking about it.  I can’t even remember what else I did that weekend.  Hmph.  Oh well.

Now lets see.  I learned a few things recently.

1)  Sometimes the people you don’t expect to give you good advice, are the better people to talk to.  They will give you a unbiased perspective.
2)  It’s better to find out the truth then to live in confusion. [This one is important]
3)  Some people don’t know what they want in relationships, and that’s THEIR fault not yours.  I think this goes back to that whole idea of people thinking:  I sorta like you, but I’m kinda waiting for someone better.  Or I don’t know if I wanna label you as my girlfriend/boyfriend because I want to keep my options open or don’t think your good enough. Pfffttt get outta here with that.
4)  I now see why people may need to move away to get some distance between their exes.  Although, even this doesn’t seem to work entirely either in some cases.  (Maybe this should be a subject for a separate blog post.  Although I would actually like it to be written by someone that is not stupid and knows what they are talking about).

Christmas and New Years are coming and I usually post a recap before the year ends with some resolutions.  I definitely, will have a few.  I have come to realize that I don’t like New Years.  I was listening to Marc Maron as usual and he is great a summing things up that I totally feel the same way about.  He mentioned the holidays come with these expectations.  One of them being hanging out with loved ones and being happy.  Ehhh…I feel that way about Christmas to some extent, but New Years really bugs me.  It is this holiday you are expected to have a blast at some party and get laid or at least a kiss or something.  I feel like this every year.  I do like being with friends and partying that’s for sure.  But figuring out what to do that night, where to go, and who’s going etc, brings this unnecessary anxiety.  I remember I used to feel bad even when I actually was in a relationship.  It’s a strange anxiety.  I dunno if anyone else feels this way?  I’m sure Marc does lol.  Listening to WTF is definitely my form of therapy.  His self loathing narcissism and anxiety hits home sometimes.  Who would have thought I would identify so much with a 50 year old Jewish comedian -_- I am a strange little lady.

Anyways, do you remember that GRE thing I was studying for?  What happened to that? My sister took it for the 2nd time already and I have yet to take it.  I am just so ill motivated when it comes to boring things.  I will eventually take it.  I missed my deadline again for spring semester, so there went that.  Hmm…oh well.

One last thing, I really really want to work on things  If anyone is interested in joining the podcast or ideas for articles or things shoot me an email, comment, or message me. Anything nerdy…books, movies, video games, comics.  I don’t care, it will be fun!

Running Away

I got an email the other day telling me that I need to renew my domain name.  That means this blog has been up for yet another year.  What have I learned? NOTHING!

Anyways, I am writing because I get gloomy sometimes.  It sorta helps me write down my thoughts.  Lately, whenever I get this way…I feel like running away.  Do you remember thinking about running away when you were little? I mostly remember having those thoughts when my family moved from Maryland to Florida.  What a change that was.  At first I was excited that we were moving.  Moving was always kind of an adventure when I was little.  My dad would get a new job, and we would pack up our things.  There would be a new house, a new room, a new neighborhood to explore.  But overall moving is not something you want to do that often when you are young. It has been something I have learned the hard way.

It was going to be the 4th elementary school where I was the new girl. I had no friends again.  My new school was Sweetwater Elementary.  It was definitely a downgrade from my old school.  The kids just didn’t seem too bright and they just weren’t as nice as my old classmates.  Even the teachers were unlikable. I remember thinking almost everyday that one day we would move back to Maryland.  Eventually, I realized that wouldn’t happen.  I was depressed to the point I actually thought middle school would be my savior. Middle school?  What a joke, but that’s a story for another day.

Apparently, there is no such thing as recess in these crappy Dade schools.  Ladies and gentleman your kids are missing out!  Also, P.E, what the heck is that?  You mean gym?  You know, that class we had in an actual gym… yeah that was not 100% pure torture like PE is here.  Also, PE is not a substitute for recess.  Recess was fun, we played on the jungle gym, kick ball and other fun games after lunch.  Maybe your kids might like that sorta thing?  In conclusion, Sweetwater Elementary sucked, College Gardens Elementary ruled 😛

Now I’m an adult and have yet to plant my feet down somewhere stable.  Living in Miami requires a ridiculously good job, a roommate or a significant other to share your expenses with.  Cut a girl some slack.  I don’t think I will live here past March so that has me thinking what I will do with myself.  I would like to ditch this city.  But I’m a big chicken.  A change is definitely needed.  What’s stopping me anyways?  Other people seem to do it. But I notice they have some sort of support or friends in other places.Well it is in my experience that if you don’t make changes, it will be forced upon you by something or someone.  And it may not be what you have been wanting.  Soooo…let’s see what happens.  There are already forces upon me.  Maybe I will talk about them some other day.  Anyways, thanks for reading.  🙂  Leave comments.  Leave experiences.  Say hello.  Thanks!

Regular vs. Synthetic

30 Day Challenge: Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Me at work.  I look too serious.
Today was a pretty good day.  I can’t complain.  I went to work, did my thing and went home.  The only thing I did slightly different was go to get an oil change during lunch. Just as I’m sure other adults do, I run errands during my lunch hour sometimes.  

When I pulled up to the Jiffy Lube the attendant asked me, “Regular or synthetic?”. 
My brain was stumped.  Of course I do not know anything about cars.  So I asked “What’s the difference?”. 
He basically told me there is no difference other than what I pay.  I know I should really know this already at my age, but I really didn’t think about it before. I just went by price.
As much as I appreciate him trying to save me some money, I really didn’t believe him, nor any mechanic as a matter of fact.  I always feel butt raped when I leave any place related to cars.  Therefore, I looked it up and it turns out there is a difference.  Eventually, I told them I wanted the synthetic blend (I was still being cheap).
So if you are curious about the difference.  Supposedly synthetic will last longer, and give you better performance.  You can get more information at the link below:

By the way, is one of my favorite sites and Stuff You Should Know is one of my favorite podcast to listen to.  So check it out.