Enjoy your books

A while back I read a quirky essay/article someone wrote listing different ways to get kids to read.  For the most part I guess the author was being funny (I hope), because the recommendations were pretty lame.  What happened to story time in class?  In elementary school the teachers read us Charlotte’s Web, How to Eat Fried Worms and the Scary Stories books; books that are enjoyable and don’t take themselves too seriously.  Once a child figures out that books can be entertaining they will want to read more.  It only takes one teacher with a good recommendation to get you hooked.  For example, in my 7th grade class I was in “regular” English and the kids there were not so bright or interested in school (not that I was any better). However, once the teacher made the class read The Pigman, kids that never read books for fun couldn’t put the book down. Reading about other teens and their drama captivated everyone in the class, even if it was from another time era or place in the US.

Anyways, this brings me along to the my next subject…the dreaded Twilight Saga.  As an adult, I am well aware that these books are poorly written.  The grammar and simplicity of langauge speaks for itself. However, Stephenie Meyer should get some credit for getting all these young girls to enjoy books to the point they would read her entire series.

I would also like to say, give it a rest with your lame hatred for people that read them.  I compare them to a poorly written soap opera.  You know the acting is bad and the plots are far fetched, but who cares they are fun to watch!  I find it especially funny when “men” complain about the books. Do they really have a leg to stand on when many of them read comic books and manga themselves?  I hate to break it to people, but there is not much dialogue in comic books or manga. Word bubbles are usually a sentence or so.  Everyone is quick to pass judgement and talk shit, but why not recommend an even better book to them instead of spewing hatred against the books.  “Hey since you like vampires, you should read the Vampire Chronicles.” People are just plain rude.

My main point is that everyone likes different things including different types of books. To each their own.  I also wanted to note that reading a young adult book is such an easy read for a busy person that may have a job or school. It is better to read an easy young adult book than to not read at all I say. As a final point I wanted to say that some autobiographies are written in young adult format, short and easy to read and should not be dismissed because they are not 500 pages long etc.  Everyone has a different writing style, it doesn’t necessarily mean the story is any less intriguing.


Hi There!  This will be my first brief posting. 

The main purpose of creating this blog is to practice my writing, which has gone down the tubes since I finished highschool and my first years of college.

I also wanted to shpeel about things on my mind, current events, and post random things I like such as movie clips, music and book reviews.

Eventually I would like to add useful tidbits of information once I start law school. This area of my life is new, but I’m fascinated by case law and the drama that comes with it. I am excited and hopeful. Wish me luck and hope you enjoy!