Foam Glow 5k

I’m back for an update!  What have I been doing lately? Umm…I don’t know…a lot.  I really should write down some of these things.  I went to a play recently and I was in another art show.  But I’ll leave that for my next post.

Let’s see, I had signed up for a night time fun run, the Foam Glow 5k some time ago.  I wasn’t actually looking forward to it.  One of the main reasons I signed up was so I can lose some weight.  My thinking was that if I signed up, it would force me to at least make some effort to exercise and get ready for the race.  I didn’t want to walk the entire thing…or possibly collapse during the race because I was so out of shape. So I did end up riding my bike almost once a week, or I walked, or tried to run around the gulf course around my house.  Not as much as I should have, but more than I have done in forever.  Either way, the race was at night when they are normally ridiculously early in the morning and my friend Lisa would be there.  So why not?  I ended up inviting my sis and future bro in law.

The event almost felt like I had gone to Ultra.  It was held at the Homestead Speedway and there were people dressed up in candy raver gear, glow sticks, or other weird outfits for the race. There were people even tail gating before the race! Which seems fun, but beer is not the smartest thing to drink before you run/walk 3.2 miles.  There was a stage with a DJ and some MCs.  The MC’s had this big foam canon machine that sprayed everyone.  It looked pretty cool I have to say.  The music, foam and atmosphere gave off a pretty good vibe.  I was also surprised there were so many people.  There was probably a good 2000 people there.

The actual race took a while to start and we had to wait and wait as they let small groups of people start running (I’m sure so we all didn’t trample each other).  Once we started it was super dark and it was hard to run in a steady pace.  There was way too many people, kids, and moms with strollers. Eh…moms, sorry but you should really leave your strollers at home for that sort of thing.

Anyways, we ran/walked the race and it was pretty fun.  The music and foam were still being blasted at the crowd way after we left.  Funny enough it took a good 45 minutes to find my car after the race. Everyone else seemed to have the same issue and were wondering around clicking their car alarms. It was a funny scene in the parking lot.  Afterwards we had a good meal at Chilis. Although the staff was completely over whelmed that night.

So if you get the chance to sign up for one of these things, you should!  It will be fun, and a different experience to check off your bucket list.  Also, most of these races donate a portion to charity, so that is a plus 🙂


Vampire Knight

Well well. I went on an anime binge.  Well, it’s still in progress actually.  The latest anime I was able to watch is Vampire Knight.  It was super cliche, but man I couldn’t stop watching.  Since the story revolves around vampires, of course there is tons of melodrama. I couldn’t have it any other way.

The story revolves around a love triangle.  Hehe, who didn’t see this coming? The main characters all attend a school solely created for the purposes of bringing together human and vampire students to live and go to school peacefully.

Yuki Cross is the main female protagonist who is the adopted daughter of the headmaster and guardian of the school.  Yuki and Zero Kiryu keep the peace between the vampires students and the regular human students. Unfortunaly, Zero has been suffering with a dark secret.  Kaname Kuran on the other hand is the pure blood dorm leader of the vampires.  He is sophisticated, regal and secretive as well, and of courseYuki is in love with…or is she in love with Zero?

This anime was fun to watch.  Mostly because it keeps with the dark melodrama associated with vampires that I have grown to love.  It has all the self loathing, unhappy, angry and revenge filled characters that you expect.  Along with the prideful aristocratic vampires you also expect.

However, I have to admit I did not like the animation.  I am not a fan of anime with such huge eyes as this show.  I also did not like Yuki as the main character.  She always needed to be rescued and was crying 80% of the time.  I would prefer a stronger female lead.  The good news is that it has plenty of other cool characters with different powers and personalities.  If only the series was longer so they could have developed them more.

The character’s backgrounds are slowly revealed when necessary, and Kaname’s plan is not fully unraveled until season 2.  So the story stays interesting to till the end.  Depending on which camp you are rooting for, you may or may not be happy with the ending if at all.  Either way, I was sorta satisfied with it.  BUT!

*****SPOILER ALERT! ********

I did not like the whole incestuous vampire lineage thing that happens.  I understand it was common for royalty and to do this through out history in real life.  But it still is kinda gross.  Anyways, that’s my main gripe.

However, if your into vampires or romance you will enjoy the show.  Watch it!  It’s available on Netflix.

Vampire knight brush by kuroakikitsune on deviantART

Running Away

I got an email the other day telling me that I need to renew my domain name.  That means this blog has been up for yet another year.  What have I learned? NOTHING!

Anyways, I am writing because I get gloomy sometimes.  It sorta helps me write down my thoughts.  Lately, whenever I get this way…I feel like running away.  Do you remember thinking about running away when you were little? I mostly remember having those thoughts when my family moved from Maryland to Florida.  What a change that was.  At first I was excited that we were moving.  Moving was always kind of an adventure when I was little.  My dad would get a new job, and we would pack up our things.  There would be a new house, a new room, a new neighborhood to explore.  But overall moving is not something you want to do that often when you are young. It has been something I have learned the hard way.

It was going to be the 4th elementary school where I was the new girl. I had no friends again.  My new school was Sweetwater Elementary.  It was definitely a downgrade from my old school.  The kids just didn’t seem too bright and they just weren’t as nice as my old classmates.  Even the teachers were unlikable. I remember thinking almost everyday that one day we would move back to Maryland.  Eventually, I realized that wouldn’t happen.  I was depressed to the point I actually thought middle school would be my savior. Middle school?  What a joke, but that’s a story for another day.

Apparently, there is no such thing as recess in these crappy Dade schools.  Ladies and gentleman your kids are missing out!  Also, P.E, what the heck is that?  You mean gym?  You know, that class we had in an actual gym… yeah that was not 100% pure torture like PE is here.  Also, PE is not a substitute for recess.  Recess was fun, we played on the jungle gym, kick ball and other fun games after lunch.  Maybe your kids might like that sorta thing?  In conclusion, Sweetwater Elementary sucked, College Gardens Elementary ruled 😛

Now I’m an adult and have yet to plant my feet down somewhere stable.  Living in Miami requires a ridiculously good job, a roommate or a significant other to share your expenses with.  Cut a girl some slack.  I don’t think I will live here past March so that has me thinking what I will do with myself.  I would like to ditch this city.  But I’m a big chicken.  A change is definitely needed.  What’s stopping me anyways?  Other people seem to do it. But I notice they have some sort of support or friends in other places.Well it is in my experience that if you don’t make changes, it will be forced upon you by something or someone.  And it may not be what you have been wanting.  Soooo…let’s see what happens.  There are already forces upon me.  Maybe I will talk about them some other day.  Anyways, thanks for reading.  🙂  Leave comments.  Leave experiences.  Say hello.  Thanks!

Craft Project: Cereal Box Stationary Holder

Every once in a while I like to get crafty.  This weekend I took a stab at a super easy cereal box stationary holder I found on Pinterest. Courtesy of this cute site:

I basically followed all the steps from the site. Except, midway I changed the kind of glue I was using.  I didn’t feel the glue stick was doing the job.  So I used my Elmer’s No Wrinkle Glue Pen.  I think it did a better job of sticking the paper to the box and wish I had used it from the beginning.  Also, if you notice from the pictures I used rubber bands and clips just as temporary clamps while the glue dried.

Hope you try it and have fun!!!

P.S. If you have any projects you would like to recommend, leave a comment! Or Pin/follow me on Pinterest!

All my mail and miscellaneous stuff is now organized 🙂

Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

This song is nice.  Since I could never understand a thing Eddie Vedder said in his songs I had to look up the lyrics.


                                                                Yellow Ledbetter

Unsealed on a porch a letter sat.
Then you said, “I wanna leave it again.”
Once I saw her on a beach of weathered sand.
And on the sand I wanna leave it again. Yeah.
On a weekend I wanna wish it all away, yeah.
And they called and I said that “I want what I said” and then I call out again.
And the reason oughta’ leave her calm, I know.
I said “I know what I was the boxer or the bag.”

Ah yeah, can you see them out on the porch? Yeah, but they don’t wave.
I see them round the front way. Yeah.
And I know, and I know I don’t want to stay.
Make me cry…

I see… Oh I don’t know why there’s something else.
I wanna drum it all away…
Oh, I said, “I don’t, I don’t know whether I was the boxer or the bag.”

Ah yeah, can you see them out on the porch? Yeah, but they don’t wave.
But I see them round the front way. Yeah.
And I know, and I know. I don’t wanna stay at all.
I don’t wanna stay. Yeah.
I don’t wanna stay. [x2]
I don’t… Don’t wanna, oh… Yeah. Ooh… Ohh…
Credit to: for the lyrics

Movie Review: Don Jon

So I read a few reviews on Don Jon and some of them make good points, but I still sorta liked the movie.

Don Jon is that typical Jersey shore type character we have been introduced to by MTV.  Gelled up hair, works out on the regular, goes clubbing to pick up chicks and ‘smash’, loves his family, goes to church and repeats his routine.  Except this guy has an particularly strong addiction to porn.  He likes it so much he is more satisfied by the experience of masturbating to porn than to having real sex.

So this movie actually does make some interesting points about sex and the expectations that porn maybe putting out to society.  His views on blow jobs, the way condoms feel, the issues with different positions, it all actually made some sense to me.  Obviously the view points are one sided.  You don’t hear the girls argument to these points other than his expectations are not realistic and that his porn addiction is disgusting…etc.  I believe a review on made a point that if this character gets laid all the time, how has he not run into a girl that wouldn’t mind doing more than just missionary style.  Either way it made me wonder how most one night stands go.

‘Don Jon’ as proclaimed by his friends eventually gets tired of his routine of one night stands and decides to start a serious relationship with Charlotte Johansson’s character, Barbara.  Unfortunately, she is a demanding, high maintenance type girl and he is forced to hide his addiction from her.

Barbara slowly tries to mold him into the boyfriend she wants him to be. Eventually getting him to go back to school where he meets a older classmate played by Julia Moore.  As much as Julia’s character Esther is made out to be a cougar (well she is a total cougar), she builds a type of friendship that Jon was missing.  Love without friendship is not love.

This movie ends up being a different type of love story. In the end we learn a lesson about love, friendship and intimacy.  Despite the raunchy porn scenes cut into the movie, the over acting and simplistic characters the movie was pretty funny, entertaining and thought provoking.

I would actually recommend reading more reviews on this movie.  They are almost as entertaining as the movie itself.  I am also surprised how offended people are by the porn clips and it’s jab at the Catholic church.  This movie didn’t strike me as very offensive, but it sure did upset some people.  Anyways, check out the movie on Netflix.  As always, I would love people to comment and leave their take on things.

Thanks for reading!

100 Montaditos

This weekend I had the chance to go to 100 Montaditos for the first time. I had no clue what it was or anything, so I was pleasantly pleased that it was a good place to eat.  Basically, they sell petite sandwiches.  As the name implies, you have about 100 sandwiches to choose from.
I chose a mozzarella and pesto sandwich,  a chorizo with spanish tortilla sandwich, and a desert sandwich made out of chocolate bread and a Hershey’s cookies and cream bar in the center. And lets not forget an order of cheese fries.
I ended up liking 2 out of 3 of my sandwiches. Mainly because I thought the chorizo sandwich should have been served as a hot sandwich instead of a cold one.  Also, I was not too fond of the cold Spanish tortilla either. It has the consistency of cheese but it didn’t taste like cheese.  Everything else was delicious though. Especially their sangria.  I tried the cola and the lemon sangria. Both were pretty tasty combinations.
Well if your in the Kendall area I would recommend checking it out.  They also have a happy hour on Wednesday where the sandwiches are a $1.

Regular vs. Synthetic

30 Day Challenge: Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Me at work.  I look too serious.
Today was a pretty good day.  I can’t complain.  I went to work, did my thing and went home.  The only thing I did slightly different was go to get an oil change during lunch. Just as I’m sure other adults do, I run errands during my lunch hour sometimes.  

When I pulled up to the Jiffy Lube the attendant asked me, “Regular or synthetic?”. 
My brain was stumped.  Of course I do not know anything about cars.  So I asked “What’s the difference?”. 
He basically told me there is no difference other than what I pay.  I know I should really know this already at my age, but I really didn’t think about it before. I just went by price.
As much as I appreciate him trying to save me some money, I really didn’t believe him, nor any mechanic as a matter of fact.  I always feel butt raped when I leave any place related to cars.  Therefore, I looked it up and it turns out there is a difference.  Eventually, I told them I wanted the synthetic blend (I was still being cheap).
So if you are curious about the difference.  Supposedly synthetic will last longer, and give you better performance.  You can get more information at the link below:

By the way, is one of my favorite sites and Stuff You Should Know is one of my favorite podcast to listen to.  So check it out.

The Trouble with Blogging

I thought I had writers block but when I think about it, I have plenty to write about.  However, I tend to censor myself.  Do I really need to put everything on the internet? I try not to, but it is MY blog after all.

Well, I decided to take some prompts and ideas from The 30 Day Challenge I’ve been seeing around Pinterest. Eventually, I’ll get to that.  But I wanted to write a catch up post.  So I guess I’ll start writing…

I am finally in my new place.  It’s been about 3 weeks already and I have been cleaning, decorating and buying things to make myself at home. It’s been going pretty good so far, except that it has been exhausting.

Unfortunately, when I am forced to make decisions my brain goes for the not so easy option.  In the mist of planning my move, packing, hiring movers etc I decided to pay a visit to my doctor.  I thought everything was okay, until I got a call back from her.  Turns out things were not okay and after a biopsy I was told I needed to have surgery.   I apologize for the lack of details, but this is just how it’s going to be.  So basically last month was an emotional mess for me.  I was sad because I was moving and I had to deal with the realization that something was wrong with my health.  So I decided to do everything all at once. One extremely busy weekend of packing, surgery, more packing, moving and unpacking.  Who does this?!! I do!!  The surgery was a minor out patient procedure and I was able to go home as soon as I woke up and was coherent.  However, I was not really supposed to lift anything heavy.  So ultimately, hiring movers was a life saver. My family was so much help as well, and my mom is just the best.

I’ve had a better time recently.  I got to see Aziz Ansari, who was awesome! He mainly talked about friends, dating, relationships and he was so accurate and on point about everything.  Apparently, he is my age so everything he said was relatable despite him being a celebrity. As usual my phone was about to die and I took only 2 really blurry pictures.

I also decided to try yoga recently.  My friend brought over ‘Yoga for Wimps’ and it was actually harder than I expected.  It is a fun and less intense way of working out.  I would suggest anyone try it. I have to get back to riding my bike.  There is a nice gulf course with a bike trail right in front of my house. I’ve been dying to try it out.
This weekend was also the South Beach Comedy Festival.  I got to see @Midnight live.  Doug Benson was one of the comedians on the show, which was an extra bonus because I have been wanting to see him for a while.  The show was a ton of fun to watch and be a part of.  But the best part of this weekend was definitely seeing Nick Swardson.  He was hilarious to the point that I was crying throughout the show. Toilet humor always gets me hehe 🙂  This was one of the funnest weekends in a while.  But now I must go to sleep and back to work.  – Gio

Movie Review: Dallas Buyers Club

I have been trying to catch up with all the Oscar winning movies that I missed out on.  I finally saw Dallas Buyers Club this weekend.  I expected a good movie and was not disappointed.

Matthew McConaughey plays the role of Ron Woodroof; a hustler, gambler, and homophobic drug user.  After an accident at work lands him in the hospital, he is informed that he is HIV+.  As the movie takes us through his denial and finally acceptance of his situation he goes on a mission to get the medicine he needs to possibly get healthier.  During this time period AZT was one of the promising drugs being tested for treatment of AIDS patients. Unfortunately, it was not yet available to the public.  This leads Ron to seek help from a doctor in Mexico who offers medicines that are more natural and with less harmful side affects.  Ron decides to start selling these medications to other patients through the Dallas Buyers Club.  He partners up with a transvestite named Rayon played by Jared Leto, who helps him get more clients.
The entire cast does a great job. Although the movie revolved around very serious matters, the movie was still enjoyable because of the characters. Ron’s evolution from a self destructive homophobe, to a concerned friend and advocate was great to watch. Matthew McConaughey transformation for the movie to an extremely thin, sickly looking man was astonishing as well.  His friendship/partnership with the very sassy and sweet Rayon was great to watch.  Jared Leto clearly deserved his Oscar.  His mannerisms, voice, walk and makeup completely converted him into his character.  Of course the other cast members help the story along as well, for example Dr.Vass and Eve.   And who would have thought the FDA would be the bad guy in the movie, with the drug companies pushing their medicines when safer alternatives are available?
Overall the movie was bitter sweet, but I highly recommend it.