Movie Review: Escape From Tomorrow

Okay okay, so I bought into all the hoopla about this movie being filmed in secret at Disneyland and went to see it.  Unfortunately, I should have read more about it before I paid to see it.  What I had imagined was going to be some sort of strange scary movie, ended up being a strange comedy?

The movie does do one thing right, and that’s keeping you wondering what’s going to happen next.  The movie starts off with a typical family going to Disneyland. However, the Dad is mesmerized by these sexy Parisian girls.  They are like the white rabbit that lead him to have an odd and trippy day in Disneyland.

If you ever watch National Lampoons Vacation, Chevy Chases character bares resemblance.  It seems that this horny dad just keeps getting into trouble.  He has run ins with strange people and delusions, all while keeping a poor eye on his kids.

The acting went from okay to terrible at some points. But I can’t blame the actors if they are given poor dialogue to act with.  I actually liked the performance of Roy Abramsohm as the horny and delusional father. The nagging wife played by Elena Schuber was also not so bad.

Since the movie was supposedly filmed in secret, the cinematography is not that great.  But, it’s pretty well edited and comes together well as a feature film.

I have to give credit to this movie for keeping my curiosity throughout the film, and making me giggle several times.  However, the plot is so thin it loses its purpose in the end and you’re left wondering…’what the hell did I just pay for?’.  So ultimately, I have to recommend you pass on this movie.  Or if you do want to watch it, save it for when it comes out on DVD, Netflix or torrents.

By the way, I saw this movie at O-Cinema in Wynwood.  It’s a cute little theater and features those hard to find independent movies.  The pricing and seating was pretty comfortable, so check it out one day 🙂


Re-vamping Lady GT’s Blog Spot

Hey everyone.  I have been doing some maintenance on this blog.  I have some ideas and want to update this little guy.  If you haven’t noticed I bought a new domain.  The site is now  I thought it would be more professional to get a .com domain.  Also, I want to change the layout and add some new pages. For instance a page just for movie reviews or a page for arts and craft projects.  It would be nice to be a bit more organize and add more content to this place.  Hopefully, I’ll be up and running to my satisfaction in the next few days.

In other news…

I just came back from Tampa from a very pretty wedding.  Maybe I will post some pictures.  I fell in love with Tampa. It was such a nice city.  The people were all good looking, tall and umm…not hispanic lol.  Also, it was right by the ocean/bay so the view from the hotel I stayed at was really nice.  Yup, I guess I will have to post pictures 😉

Also, on Oct 4th I will be participating in my first gallery showing of sorts.  Come out to Tate’s Comics!  Upstairs they have a small boutique and gallery called Bear and Bird.  If you have never been to Tate’s, I would suggest you go.  It has all sorts of comics, books, magazine and toys. It’s a pretty cool place for fellow nerd bombers.  I hope to see you there and don’t worry I will update the blog after the event 🙂


I’m back for another installment of:  What have I been watching lately?  And the winner is Fringe!!!

Yes, I know this is an old show but it is great.  The plot twists and science fiction based episodes are creative and remind me of my freshmen year in college.  For this one English class, I had to read all about quantum physics, scientific poems, and literary work you wouldn’t expect from mathematicians or scientists. We also had to read a really fun book called To Say Nothing of the Dog.  If you are interested in time travel, or even period novels, I would recommend checking that book out.  But I digress…

Fringe is an excellent show.  It touches on everything form parallel universes, aliens, and time travel.  It reminds me a lot of the X Files.  The characters are also very likable and yet there is mystery to them.  You can never really tell what side certain characters are truly on.  For you gore fans, the special effects are pretty good and can get pretty gross.  On the other hand there are doses of humor to lighten the mood and balance out all the dark themes and suspense.

Oh hey, and you remember Pacey (Joshua Jackson) from Dawson’s Creek?  He plays one of the main characters in Fringe…Peter Bishop, son of Dr. Walter Bishop.  He is one of my favorite characters.  He is much more appealing in this show than Dawson’s Creek, not to mention older and cuter 😉

However, my favorite character so far is agent Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel).  Ladies, this guy is way too cute to be in the friend zone.  I especially like him with his thick brimmed glasses…swoon.

So check out the show on Netflix.  I believe the complete series is on there. I have yet to finish it, but I’m almost done.  Most likely I will update this post on my thoughts.   Hope you enjoy!!!
P.S.  What is you favorite character or episode?  Leave a comment 🙂


Book Review: I Am Legend

Warning:  This review contains spoilers!!!!
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson:  I try not to spoil books or movies when I review them, but this book is an exception.  I thought this book was excellent.  A different take on the classic vampire story.  I can see how future artists/writers were inspired by this tale.  Written in 1954, the story is actually set in the ‘future’ 1976, and a plague has turned everyone into a blood hungry vampire.  Does this story sound familiar 😉 ?
The protagonist of the book was Robert Neville.  Left alone and isolated he believes he is the last man unaffected by the virus.  The book takes an eerie look at his daily life.  He has worked out a routine of fixing his house, hunting the vampires, and drinking alcohol by day and barricading himself in his house by night.   On a nightly basis the vampires gather outside of his house and try to lure him out.
There is one especially creepy vampire that calls out for him, Ben Cortman.  This figure is haunting.  Were the vampires just gathered as predatory animals after the last human around with fresh blood, or were they thinking, feeling, beings out for vengeance?  This is where I wish the character was developed more thoroughly.  Ben seemed like such an interesting antagonist.
One of the main things I kept wondering was, why does he stay in his house? Why doesn’t he go far far away if he knew the group of vampires gathered at his house on a daily basis?  He only drove as far as his gas tank would take him.  Maybe I have been watching too much Walking Dead.
Matheson also took his time to try to explain to the readers how a vampire plague could possibly happen.  Robert went to great lengths to investigate bacteria and viruses.  Although he seemed to be a normal Joe, he reasonably found some answers.  I believe this part was pretty unique to the story at the time it was written.  Vampires usually start with a supernatural background.  However, Matheson tried to make the conversion into a vampire a believable possibility.
Another aspect of the story I liked, was that there were people infected with the virus that were still alive and others that had come back from the dead.  This was an interesting moral dilemma since Robert killed regardless if they were still dead or alive.
One of the best written parts of this book is the loss of his wife and child.  You can literally feel his agony as he remembers the death of his wife.  There are many moments in the book when you can easily get teary eyed.  Another emotional period was when Robert found an seemingly unaffected dog.  You can read the connection and slight obsession with finding another creature that is unaffected.
This brings me to the conclusion of the tale.  The conclusion is probably the most important part of the book.  However, it went by so quickly.  The climax was too short in my opinion.  Also, his decision to stay in house drove me crazy!  He was warned to run away and he didn’t.  Why wouldn’t he run away??!
“I was too used to the …the house.  It was a habit, just…just like the habit of living.  I got …used to it” 
OMG that is everyone’s ultimate excuse!!! That line is great!Anyways, I highly recommend everyone read this book.  It’s a classic horror book that inspired many.  I also, wanted to comment and include some of the great art work the covers have.  Creepy!!!

One last note, the movie interpretation with Will Smith was completely different from the book.  Talk about creative freedom.  Read the book, don’t watch the movie 😉




Book Review: The Lost Boy

I finally read The Lost Boy by David Peltzer.  This was the second book of the autobiographical series by Peltzer.  The book revolves around David during the years after he was removed from the custody of his abusive mother and taken into foster care.  Having never really known anyone in foster care it was pretty fascinating.  David’s many foster parents all had caring ways, but their own family troubles.  I was surprised at how many times he changed households for whatever reason.  The book also brought to light that there is a prejudice against foster children and their families.  Apparently, foster parents were/are looked at as people milking the system and getting paid by the government to house kids.  In reality the kids all come from troubled pasts and came with a whole lot of baggage for a small payout from the government.  A payout that is quickly spent on food and clothes for the children that are usually much needed. It takes a lot of patience and caring to raise several kids from different backgrounds and issues, and in many cases the foster parents have a family of their own in addition to the children they are taking in.  The book overall explains David’s struggle and perseverance to overcome his past issues and unstable life as a foster child.  David’s mother remains an enigma at this point.  Her punishments and actions are left to be pondered on and it is easy to see why a young boy would have so much trouble moving on from such a traumatizing experience.

The book is for young adults and easy to read.  I would recommend anyone to read it, as it takes you into the little known world of foster care.

You can find my review of the first book A Child Called “It” at the below link:


Check this book out at Amazon

Breaking Dawn Part 2

I love How It Should Have Ended videos.  They make good points. Why was the baby CG in Breaking Dawn Part 2?!!! Seriously, I couldn’t stop giggling in some parts of the movie when I saw it in the theaters.  I really did enjoy the books, but whenever I go to watch the movies its for shits and giggles.  I especially hate Kristen Stewart’s open mouth acting.  Oh boy!


It’s the Day Before Christmas

Hello bloggers!

It has just turned to Christmas Eve.  What a warm holiday season it has been so far, literally.  It has been 85 degrees up until this weekend.  The holidays are just not the same down here in Florida.  It’s just too tropical  and I think it rubs everyone the wrong way during this season.  Either way, I’m looking forward to a nice evening with my tiny family since I will be working half the day.  Boo…

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. I’m feeling much better as of late as opposed to my last blog rant.  I was rather upset those few days, but time heals all.  Either way, I’m pretty settled to my new place.  I have been cooking and pretty proud of myself in that department lately.  I wanted to share some pics since I feel like my first place is very special.

This is my adorable tree.  It’s only 4 feet, but I’m pretty happy as to how it came out.  My mom and Erik helped me decorate it.  It’s fitting for my first tree 🙂

This is my living room.  My wonderful friend Monica gave me her old couch.  It’s pretty darn comfortable and fits just right.

This is my messy kitchen.  I have been working hard learning to cook.  A lot of experimenting has been going on in here.

Cupcakes in progress!

I also threw my housewarming party and it went pretty well.  Got a few wonderful presents from my awesome friends and lots of people showed up.  So much so that security came to tell us to be quiet.  Awesome, if I do say so myself 🙂

Looking forward to posting a year review of some of the movies I have seen recently and life events.  See ya soon!

The Internet

Hello Bloggers!

I missed you so much <3… literally!  In addition to the many lessons learned these past 2 weeks, my biggest was that I NEED THE INTERNET!  I didn’t realize how important it was until I was with out it since last Monday.  Not to mention that I was on call for work this lovely week.  I had 2 calls where I had to rush to my mom’s house to borrow her internet in the wee early morning and the middle of the night.  Crazy!

At the very least I had my phone.  But it has been a tough two weeks with all the craziness of the move.  Did I mention I finally moved out of my house?  Yup, I’m a big girl now with my very first apartment  🙂  I will post about the move soon.  What a stressful two weeks this has been.  I’m glad the rough part is over and I can start to enjoy my new place 🙂

Techy Ideas

I thought this was a pretty good idea.  Too bad I don’t have a drill or a jigsaw.  But there might be some adjustments you can do to make this idea work.

For the full article you can check out the link below: